Casey & Brandon Secret Proposal at Windansea Beach, La Jolla CA

Casey and Brandon have known each other since 6th grade and have always had crushes on each other but he never would truly ask her out. After college, they reconnected and started going on dates and couldn’t help but fall in love with their middle school crush.

Brandon surprised Casey with a trip to San Diego and told her they were going to a nice restaurant on the beach.. He told her the only way to it was to walk on the beach (not ideal in wedges). They walked in Windansea Beach in La Jolla until he found his perfect spot and had already planned hidden photographers (myself and Olia Luis) and got down on one knee to tell Casey that she has always been the one 13 years later. His proposal was a complete fairytale. Timing is everything!

I may have teared up a bit, it was so perfect!!!!

A cherry on top of a cake - their love story was featured on How They Asked.